Welcome to the New APNA Website

Welcome to the new site.  With the site,  we’re hoping to expand the conversations that begin on our email list,  and provide an online source for news and events happening in the neighborhood.  When there is news,  we’ll announce it on the email list,  with a link to a new post.

Make this site your own;  subscribe,  and add posts as you have information to share.

Neighbors Feeding Neighbors

Ongoing program to assist those in need by providing meals. The program is a volunteer based program that operates out of St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church. It costs about $4 per meal to produce meals for our neighbors. Your cash contributions and/or your volunteer time are GREATLY APPRECIATED! Please contact Paul Gohdes for more information at (520) 825-6724 or by email at APDS541@gmail.com. You may also make a donation on-line via Network for Good.

January 2010 Minutes

PDF of January 2010 Minutes

Armory Park Neighborhood Association Board Meeting
12 January, 2010
St. Andrew’s Sanctuary

Board Members Present: Chuck Bressi, Liz Burden, John Burr, Phyllis Factor, Elizabeth Garber, George Mairs, Karen Olson, Brooke Sanders, Chris Stebe, Jerry Swatez, Tim Vanderpool, Nadine Rund (alternate), and Tim Cline (alternate) Continue reading “January 2010 Minutes”