Proposed Armory Park Neighborhood Boundary Changes

The Armory Park Neighborhood Association (APNA) board is proposing to amend the bylaws to extend the northern boundary of the neighborhood association. The following amendments to the current bylaws of the association are proposed (all deletions are marked in strike-through and all additions are marked in red):

Article One, Section 3. Boundaries
The association shall encompass the areas bounded on the North by Broadway/ Toole/12th Street Ochoa/12th Street; East by Third Avenue/Union Pacific Avenue/Southern Pacific Avenue/2nd Avenue: South by 19th Street: west by Sixth Avenue/Stone Avenue and as represented on the map certified by the Department of Neighborhood Resources as of October 10, 2005. , and as amended by the Housing and Community Development Department (formerly DNR) as of ____________, 2010.

Armory Park boundaries
APNA boundaries: the light green area indicates the area that would be added to the neighborhood.

Background: Why the Board is  Proposing the Change
These proposed bylaws changes are based on discussions of the board and general agreements throughout 2010 up to and as of the June 8 APNA meeting.

APNA recognizes that the immediate block north of its current boundaries is now developing, and it may be in the current neighborhood’s interest to have this area as a part of the neighborhood. Many of the buildings are historic, and/or developing as residential; these households may share similar values and may want neighborhood representation.

Because these northern blocks were formerly denied neighborhood status–that is,  they are not a part of any neighborhood–as a buffer to proposed downtown development, and because of its actual development, they comprise the natural northern boundary of the neighborhood;  what happens within these northern blocks directly impacts the neighborhood.

Also, clarified understandings made over the previous decade have separated the functions of the neighborhood association (APNA), which is a neighborhood association, and the historic zone advisory board (APHZAB), which exclusively deals with the preservation of an historic (federal, state, city) zone.  The proposed amendments change ONLY the boundaries of APNA;  they do not affect APHZAB.

If approved by a majority vote of the APNA board, the pending areas will receive notification and have the option of opting out, per individual property owner, within a period of 60 days. Those who don’t challenge the extension shall enjoy the benefits of neighborhood representation.

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