2023 APNA Board of Directors

The November 22 annual meeting included elections for the 2023 APNA Board of Directors. Congratulations and thanks to those who will serve! Here is the newly elected and re-elected leadership:

  • President: David Bachman-Williams
  • Vice-President: John Burr
  • Secretary: Jeannie McLain
  • Treasurer: Janet Koller

Directors for 2023-2024

  • Megan Noli
  • Ginny Beal
  • Michael Lex

Alternate Directors for 2023

  • Emily Nottingham
  • Ken Taylor
  • Maurice Roberts

One thought on “2023 APNA Board of Directors”

  1. Is there any way to open up a few of the parking spots across from the Armory for the Armory patrons? They used to be open parking. Now there’s always empty spots there and no empty spots for the Armory patrons. Don’t the people who live there have parking in the rear behind
    their houses? Even a few designated spots for the Armory would be appreciated.
    Thanks, Judy Boehm


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