Posting Guidelines

Before posting a comment on the website or on the neighborhood listserv, please review the following guidelines.

For the website: We welcome stories from APNA members, neighborhood residents and neighborhood organizations and businesses that may be of interest.  Please:

  • Remember that “gossip” is not necessarily neighborhood-worthy news.
  • Be sure the “Subject” you use adequately describes the message content.
  • Do not “attack” others personally on the list. Please carry out arguments in private.
  • Remember that posting on this site posts the information to anyone and everyone who visits the site.

Posts and comments may be edited; while we do not plan to censor content,  APNA does reserve the right to moderate posts and comments to ensure that content is appropriate for the site.

For the listserv: If you live, work, or own property in the Armory Park Neighborhood (Broadway – 19th St, Stone – Jacobus), you may want to join the Armory Park listserv. Please email your full name, address, phone number, and email address to   You will be added to the listserv and receive neighborhood information in return.

To post to the listserv, address the email to  Only listserv members are allowed to post.

Advertising of products and services may be done on a very limited basis – once a month or less often is preferred. Please respond directly to the poster, not to the group, if you are interested in the product or service being offered. Religious institutions may announce events with a follow-up reminder.  Political posts are forbidden. Notifications of political events are acceptable under limited circumstances.  For events like yard sales, 2 posts (1 in advance and a reminder the day of the sale) are permissible.  It is expected that yard sales will occur no more than once or twice a year per household.   Personal disagreements are prohibited on the listserv.

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