September 2010 Minutes

PDF of September 2010 minutes

Armory Park Neighborhood Association
Board of Directors Meeting
14 September, 2010
St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, Parish Hall

Board members present: Elizabeth Burden, John Burr, Phyllis Factor, Elizabeth Garber, Karen Olson, Brooke Sanders, Tod Santee, Chris Stebe, Tim Vanderpool, Tom Cline (alternate), and Nadine Rund (alternate)

Board members absent: Chuck Bressi, George Mairs, Jerry Swatez, and Marian Gin (alternate)

Guests: Mel & Marty Brinkley, Penny Porter, Don Durban, Janos Wilder, Randy Spaulding, Paul & Dolores Gohdes, Mark Crum, Office Orduño, Al Hirsch, Margit Ritchie

Welcome and Introductions

  • Meeting called to order at 7:07 p.m.

Approvals and Announcements

  • Liz thanked the Outreach Committee for organizing the successful ice cream social in August; Karen thanks all those who helped and reported that it was a successful event.
  • Minutes for July were approved as submitted
  • Treasurer’s Report: Finances changed by about $100 due to bills. The report was approved unanimously for filing.

Presentations by guests

Tucson Police Department, Officer Orduño

In July, Armory Park had 10 calls for service, the majority being larceny; there was 1 motor theft. August  had 15 calls, 4 of which were stolen vehicles, the majority of others criminal damage (graffiti, vandalism) and 3 larcenies (2 forced entries, 1 no force). Office Orduño also reported that the man wanted for exposure in the University of Arizona area was caught today—it may be in the same man that was exposing himself in Armory Park. John Burr asked if this man is released, could a photo of him be released to the neighborhood? He also noted the increased focus in the downtown area for ticketing. Office Orduño suggested we speak with Elsa.

  • Janos Wilder, Downtown Kitchen

Mr. Wilder will open a restaurant in the space formerly occupied by Barrio Grill in the 100 block of S. 6th Avenue. He will still maintain Janos and J-Bar in the foothills. He expects to open Downtown in October and to be open seven days a week for dinner and weekdays for lunch. The prices will be affordable, and he hopes to serve “American” food á la Janos (aka “global comfort food” with local roots).  He indicated that it is his hope to be connected to the neighborhood. For example, they are working with the Children’s Museum on their garden; they hope to be able to return proceeds from their garden products back to the Museum. He also proposes to use the parking lot as a neighborhood resource: perhaps for movies or an occasional farmer’s market. He asked what neighbors want to have as a restaurant in the neighborhood. Accessibility was suggested, as well as gluten free entries, maintaining the bar as a meeting space, his support for the proposed neighborhood extension, a neighborhood specials night, and his political support of our community garden. His email is Neighbors welcomed Mr. Wilder back downtown.                 

Old Business

  • Expansion of APNA Boundaries

It was explained that the expansion arose from the TEP building and its poor interface with the neighborhood. Approximate boundaries would be Broadway on the north, 2nd Avenue/ Jacobus Avenue on the east, Stone Avenue on the west, and 19th Street on the south. The neighborhood would like to expand to have a greater voice in future building projects, using the building standards developed by the APNA Board earlier this year.

The neighborhood wants to give adequate notice to neighbors, be able to address comments, and take a vote either in October or at the annual meeting in November. John reported that Buzz Isaacson, Providence, Michael Keith of Downtown Partnership, Barbara Grygutis, and Terry Etherton are all positive. A property owner can opt out, but must elect to do so; once APNA has proposed the expansion to the city, they will notify all affected properties. The neighborhood would want to make sure that the balance of residents’ voices is heard in relationship to businesses, as the balance could change as it did in Millville. John motioned such notification of affected properties; Elizabeth seconded the motion; the Board approved the motion unanimously.

New Business

  • Elections and Annual Meeting

Four Board positions will be open, those currently occupied by Chuck Bressi, Elizabeth Garber, Chris Stebe, and Jerry Swatez. John, Phyllis, Liz, and Elizabeth will serve on an Elections and Annual Meeting committee. A report and a slate will be proposed next meeting.

  • Treasurer position: As Chuck is no longer a resident of the neighborhood and no longer owns a business in the neighborhood, the Board must take action. Choices were i) to choose to make an exception to Board rules, ii) ask for someone hold the office supplemented by Chuck’s services for a $50 nominal fee, or iii) ask for someone to assume his duties. John motioned that we make the exception, seconded by Karen. The motion was amended to state that exceptions to Board rules are not precedents. The Board unanimously approved the amended motion.
  • Downtown Neighborhood Residents’ Council Representative: was an appointment that Chuck occupied. Phyllis motioned that John occupy this position, with Liz as alternate. Karen seconded the motion. The Board voted to support the motion, with one abstention.
  • For Carnaval representative, another position occupied by Chuck, Brooke will represent APNA at the next meeting; another person may need to step forward as she is committed to her Children’s Museum role in Carnaval.
  • Community Garden project: Liz proposed that we need to make this a project of the neighborhood. Various people who would oversee it were suggested. Chris said the big issues include space and liability. Chris and Tod will take the lead for now.
  • Tucson Charter Changes (Proposition 401 on the November ballot):

Discussed were salary change, the mayor’s occupying a voting position on Mayor and Council, termination of civil service protections for top people, and whether this will directly affect the neighborhood. It was informally agreed that education will be our only role; APNA will not take a stand.

o   Home Tour: Chris agreed to continue as chair. He discussed some possible changes, such as switching it to a Sunday in late March. Checking calendars such as and Madden, as well as DNR for other neighborhood home tours, was suggested. The Board will be able to set a date at the October meeting.

Committee Reports

  • Transportation/ Environs (John Burr)
    • 18th & 4th Avenue mitigations (Action item): a petition will need to be circulated. In addition, new signatures for all traffic circles the city has been sitting on will be needed again.
    • The Five Points art project is held up because Cultural Resources flagged it: the project must be relate historically to the neighborhood.
    • Armory Park received neighborhood oversight approval for street lights.
    • Numerous residents along 16th St. near 3rd want to make a no parking zone due to night truck parking.
    • More parking (Action item): As background information, John informed meeting attendees that Mayor & Council gave the parking contract to ParkWise and they are enforcing parking codes revised two years ago, as  “community enhancement,” not “safety,” but with some leeway. For example, they will enforce 2.5’ from driveways (vs. 5’), and 5-6’ from minor avenues (vs. 10’). Other codes will be enforced without leeway: for example, parking 20’ from the corner of an avenue/street intersection. Residents also have to regularly move cars parked on the street: If vehicle isn’t registered to an address (e.g. it is the resident’s vehicle but is registered to a PO box or  to another address, or if it belongs to a visitor), it must be moved every 24 hrs. These affect all downtown neighborhoods. ParkWise indicated they wanted to paint corners red: John has registered the neighborhood’s negative reaction to this. Action item: APNA needs a neighorhood plan for a policing policy as neighborhoods can come up with plans for ParkWise. El Encanto got stickers so if a car has the sticker, ParkWise either must do due diligence or leave it alone. Proposed were that APNA pay for stickers, the development of a plan to work with police, follow up with DNRC, and approaching council members to make changes of selective enforcement of code where they don’t apply. A motion to fund stickers for Armory Park residents, to develop a plan, and to invite police to the October APNA meeting was made by John and seconded by Tod. The motion unanimously passed.
  • Communications
    • New website & e-format: tabled until October meeting.
  • Outreach (Karen Olson) (no action item)
  • Membership (Phyllis Factor): There are no changes in membership since the last report.
  • Security/ Neighborhood Watch (Tom Cline) [written report below]
  • Historic Zone Advisory Board (Nadine Rund): tabled until next meeting
  • Special projects
    • Feral cat project (Tim Vanderpool): no action item.

Items for Future Meeting

  • Development principles
  • Code of Ethics/ Principles

Call to the Audience

o   Margit Ritchie asked how to get on the neighborhood listserv again. She also offered to host the Christmas party this year.

o   Don Durban invited APNA members to the Council meeting this week. He will send information to Liz to forward to the neighborhood listserv.

o   Mark Crum, Jerry Swatez, and George Mairs, as mentioned in past meetings, would like to create a general sustainability statement for the neighborhood. There is a grant available for which the city is going to apply. If received, the city will send out a Request For Proposals to provide funds for assistance, with five being selected. Mark Crum indicated that he, Jerry, and George will coordinate the proposal, should funds become available.

Meeting Adjournment

  • The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 pm.

The next APNA Board meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, October 12, 7:00 pm, at St. Andrew’s Parish Hall.


Elizabeth Garber, APNA Secretary

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