New Farmers' Market

The seven booths sit in a sunny lot with fifteen or twenty shoppers wandering from one to another, admiring the fruits and vegetables or the hand-made soaps or the jars of local honey. Someone has just purchased a dozen eggs from Marana and someone else is putting a jar of blueberry preserves and a couple of large ripe tomatoes in her canvas sack.

The Community Food Bank opened this newest farmers’ market at the El Pueblo Neighborhood Center three weeks ago. It’s ten to fifteen minutes from downtown; it’s the place where those of us who are non-farmers can meet directly some of our local, small farmers; and it’s a place where we can obtain fresh local produce at a reasonable price
Take 6th Avenue south, cross Irvington, and turn right just south of the El Pueblo Center. You’ll come to the market in a hundred yards or so, sitting at the southern end of the parkland surrounding the Center. Hours are from 9:00 ‘til 1:00 on Saturdays, except for the 27th of November and the 25th of December and the 1st of January.

Of course, the Food Bank also has farmers’ markets at its home at 3003 S. Country Club and on the Santa Cruz at the corner of Speedway and Riverview. Check the Community Food Bank website for details.

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