Green Infrastructure Workshop

Join Watershed Management Group (WMG) in Tucson for a half-day, participatory introduction to the world of green infrastructure on November 20 or December 4, 2010.

Green infrastructure (GI) addresses issues of polluted stormwater runoff, urban heat island effects, and community livability through strategies like water harvesting; sustainable stormwater management practices; removal or shading of impervious surfaces; urban forestry; bicycle and pedestrian improvements; and creation or improvement of greenways, parks, and wildlife corridors.

These free, public workshops will each include a presentation on neighborhood environmental and livability issues, a tour of local GI sites, and hands-on participation in neighborhood GI design and environmental problem-solving exercises. This event is open to anyone with a general interest in green infrastructure, and will also serve as an introduction for anyone interested in WMG’s upcoming Neighborhood Leaders program.

For more information on GI or WMG’s GI programs, visit the WMG’s Green Streets-Green Neighborhoods page.  Space is limited to 15 people per workshop; pre-registration is required. For more information or to register, please contact Tory Syracuse at 520-396-3266 or  Visit the WMG events calendar for location details.

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