November Treasurer Report

The November Treasurer Report was approved by the APNA Board at its December meeting and can be viewed at this link:

Various documents intended to keep the membership and neighborhood informed are filed in a public folder on the APNA Google Drive. This link will take you there:

This is part of APNA’s effort to keep members and the neighborhood better informed. As a new feature, there may be unidentified problems. If you encounter problems, please contact

APNA Board Election Coming

A message from APNA President David Bachmann-Williams:

Our annual elections for the board of directors are next month and we’re looking for four people who are willing to help keep the neighborhood a great place to live.  Plan on allowing about two hours for the monthly meetings, plus whatever additional time you’re willing to spend on areas of interest to you.  Officer positions do require more of a commitment.  There’s always a need for help with special projects such as helping neighbors maintain a safe walkway, occasional neighborhood clean-ups, and, when life returns to whatever the new normal will be, planning social events which draw neighbors together.  
Please let me know if you are interested, or if you would like more information by emailing me at