Old Articles

I was just searching through the articles in the Old Articles category and realized that the way they are presented could be confusing. All of the articles appear to be written by the same person (me). That is not the case and all of the articles in this category were written by previous authors before I came to the site. When the site was moved to a new hosting platform, I also moved the years of previous articles so that our records and history would not be lost. Unfortunately, the transfer also identified me as the author of all articles, losing attribution to the actual authors. I could see no practical way to preserve the authorship information for so many articles.

If you would like to reclaim authorship of articles, please give me your name, contact information and the article titles. I will make the corrections.

Reconstruction Nearly Done

This site is being updated and restructured. Many parts have become out of date or don’t work correctly. Please tell me of anything that needs updating or changing. I will also try to incorporate useful features keeping in mind that the site must be simple enough to be managed by volunteers. Check back as things progress.

30 August 2017 – The site has been restructured and simplified. Now we need more content. The old posts are interesting for background but readers want current content. Anyone wanting to make a contribution of material can send it to me. If editing is required, I will be glad to do that. I have volunteered to maintain the site but not to originate content for it.

Ken Taylor  ken@kmtaylor.com