APNA Annual Meeting November 8

It’s that time of year again:  the annual membership meeting of Armory Park Neighborhood Association will be November 8 at 7 pm at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church. Key agenda items include election of new board members and officers,  election of new members to the Historic Zone Advisory Board,  and discussion of financial support for Neighbors Feeding Neighbors. Full agenda below and available for download (PDF, 1 page). Continue reading “APNA Annual Meeting November 8”

APNA Home Tour Postponed Until Spring 2012

The Armory Park Home Tour, originally scheduled for Sunday, October 23 has been postponed until spring 2012. If you’re interested in serving on the Home Tour committee, or are willing to have your home on the tour, please send an email to info [at] armoryparktucson.org .

The proceeds of fall home tour were to benefit the Neighbors Feeding Neighbors program.  You can donate to the program through the APNA Network for Good page;  make sure to put “Neighbors Feeding Neighbors” in the designation field.

Many thanks to Chris Stebe and home tour volunteers who have been working on the tour this fall.

Pruning Tips

by Betts* Putnam-Hidalgo
Neighbors, the Home Tour is coming up and it’s a good time to clean up our neighborhood. As the weather cools off, its nice to walk again, but some plants are starting to get a little shaggy in some areas, and some sidewalks are shrinking to remarkably thin tiptoe spaces!  For safety and easy passage,  it’s a good idea to prune back low-hanging tree branches and  shrubs that are encroaching on the sidewalk. Continue reading “Pruning Tips”

Armory Park: Time for a Community Garden

If you have ever attended the Armory Park Home Tour, you know that it’s a chance to explore our neighborhood’s most colorful treasures.  The annual fund raising event highlights the thoughtful preservation and renovation of historic homes alongside the contextual architecture of newer homes, many of which boast green amenities such as solar power and water harvesting.  And if you walk or ride your bike through the Tour, you get to enjoy some local whimsy along the way, the small details and expressions of neighborhood character that I like to consider the Home Tour “sideshow”: street art, murals, creative landscaping, quirky paint jobs, and yard signs promoting everything from humanitarian and political causes to modern cottage industries.

Armory Park is a true historic neighborhood, distinguished by buildings and streetscapes that confirm the continuity of the past – when the Armory was an armory, and building materials were scarce – with the present and future.  Those of us who seek out a place like Armory Park to live, whether we own or rent our homes, are inspired to preserve and build on what we already have: a neighborhood that is at once lively and peaceful, walkable and livable.  One Sunday afternoon each fall, the Home Tour offers a chance to slow down, meet one another and take a deeper look at our surroundings.

For those with an eye for gardening and plants, a Home Tour in Armory Park often reveals some really lovely yards and gardens, where we imagine people spending their time relaxing or playing.  Some of the urban oases in Armory Park have taken decades to mature.  Some happened by accident.  Many are inherited, as remnants of the original gardens on historic properties that date back to before we were born.

Aside from weeds and the occasional pest, what’s not to love about gardening?  Continue reading “Armory Park: Time for a Community Garden”

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Neighbors Helping Neighbors is a new organization in the neighborhood, connecting  volunteers with neighbors in need, sponsored by the Armory Park Neighborhood Association and the Armory Center.   We’re also a part of Neighbors’ Care Alliance and Pima Council on Aging.

Drop by our office at the Center and say Hi to our dispatcher.

Starting in October, we’ll begin providing neighbors with rides to medical appointments or for necessary grocery shopping;  we also run critical errands like picking up prescriptions.  And all our services are free.  If you can donate a little time or cash, that’s fine but not required. (You can make donations through the APNA website; make sure to indicate your donation is for Neighbors Helping Neighbors.

We’re looking for clients.  If you’re fifty-five or older and live in Armory Park, we’ll talk to you about signing up for transportation.  If you’re eligible for other services like SunVan, we’re not out to replace them, but we want to hear about your situation.  Call us at 520-344-3222 for an interview.