Please Join Us for the APNA General Meeting Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hi all:

This year, APNA has decided to hold more general meetings, approximately quarterly, to provide a better process for community involvement, input and process.

The first of these is Tuesday, March 12, 2013, 7pm at St. Andrew’s Parish Hall. This is an important meeting because it will address Armory Park’ options to better develop an overall parking strategy for the entire neighborhood with the upcoming increased density new development on our edges will create this fall and into the future. APNA is committed to helping develop strategies and options for all residents to create workable and affordable programs that maintain current residents needs. We need your input!
A second big topic that has increased over the years is noise from the railroad on our east. APNA has worked with the COT to look into options to potentially develop a Railroad Quiet Zone. Come hear the results of the study.
Other topics on the agenda will be a look at what may happen to Ronstadt Transit Center, the development of an APNA Garden Tool Lending Library, and many other neighborhood updates. Attached is the agenda: APNA Agenda 3-8-13

Please join us for the discussion!
And if you haven’t joined APNA this year–download a 2013 membership form, and bring a completed form and your check to the neighborhood meeting!
Hope to see everyone!

John Burr

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