2013, APNA, the Maracana Follow-up, the APNA Letter, and Process

Hi all:

One of the issues that has taken the neighborhood by storm in 2013 has been the issue of a liquor license application by the Maracana Indoor Sports Arena. There have been over 160 separate emails I have personally seen on the matter. As many of you know, immediate residents who were legally notified petitioned the board for some action in their favor. The board voted, the discussion ensued, and the rest is history and well documented on the the list-serve stream.

I feel that APNA, and the board, and all of you, did due diligence in this matter. I and the board, appreciate everyone who participated in the process, and their feedback. I realize that most people were very strong in their opinions, whatever they may have been. And I and the board truly respect all those opinions.

But to better serve the larger interests of everyone, the numbers dictated our final response, despite the initial vote. It was clearly in the favor of protest on this matter. Please see the attached final formal letter filed with the City Clerk on behalf of APNA within the comment period. I believe it truly represents the larger constituency. As promised, it is now available for all of you has a matter of public record: APNA-Protest-Liqour-License-Letter_1-26-13compressed

APNA wishes to be transparent, representative of the neighborhood’s actual interests and foster the continuing dialogue of what this community, as a whole, defines as its goals. We may not always get it right but we do listen, respond, share, and attempt to provide a reasonable forum for that process. We are all volunteers in this process, not staff. We’ll try to continue to be more inclusive. Everyone’s voice should be heard. But, personally, I feel that the larger collective voice of the greater community is truly what matters. The collective voice since our founding has preserved our historic architecture and homes, community spirit and made Armory Park a great place to live now and into the future. It has taken all of us, over time, to make this a reality in the past, now, and into the future!

This year, APNA will be having more community-wide meetings for all residents to participate in the many issues we share as a community. Please join us for any of the meetings you care to come to. We need the larger community’s input to make sure we continue to share common goals and accurately represent you. Please watch this site, at least monthly for the latest updates, postings and news, which will be provided regularly. We will try to get out published newsletters more regularly, too, but please understand, we have absolutely no help from the city, any longer, to do so. Its all volunteer services that make it happen. Each newsletter costs APNA about $300.00, plus dozens of volunteer hours to write, publish and distribute. They will only continue in print form if the neighborhood joins in membership and provides the funds to do so (that’s 30 memberships per newsletter, if you are counting).

We hope to see you all, every second Tuesday every month this year at St. Andrew’s at 7pm. Mark it in your calendars now. That is the years’ schedule. Some meetings will be board oriented (we have to comply with COT and ACC rules), but many will be all about you and your interests! And if you haven’t joined for 2013 yet, please do send in your application! The new form will be posted this week. (the old form still works until it is replaced 😉 Now that email is the only way to regularly reach everyone, the only way you are assured of inclusion is by membership. Your membership matters!

In February– February 12, there will be a board meeting to finalize what the Strategic Planning meeting in January resolved. The agenda will be posted in a timely manner. Expect a General Meeting in March. Topics will likely be potential Neighborhood Parking programs, coming infill development, and whatever else is in the air or timely of interest this spring. It’s an exiting but challenging time for our neighborhood as it transitions in its relationship to what is now happening downtown, and all around us. Please get involved!

Best to all,

John Burr, president

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