At our monthly meeting in the sanctuary of the St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, the board hashed over an assortment of issues, from parking to crime. Leading the discussion was a decision, one hour earlier, by the Tucson Mayor and City Council to deny a liquor license application for the Maracana Indoor Sports Arena at 18th Street and Jacobus Avenue.

Citing noise, parking and security issues, Ward Six Councilman Steve Kozachik led the council in a unanimous vote to deny the application. The issue now moves to the Arizona Department of Liquor Licenses and Control in Phoenix for a final decision.

The board meeting was also joined by Officer J. Glesinger of the Tucson Police Department, who discussed crime concerns with the Bel Aire apartment complex at 18th Street and 2nd Avenue, along with other crime issues in Armory Park. Officer Glesinger, who has been instrumental in helping contain some of the problems with Bel Aire, informed the board that there were 30 calls to TPD from the Armory Park Neighborhood in January. A half-dozen of those calls concerned the Bel Aire.

Other highlights:

-Armory Park Board President John Burr and member Elizabeth Burden recently addressed the somewhat revitalized Downtown Neighborhoods and Residents Council, or DNARC, where they argued against further rezoning overlays that could erode Armory Park’s historic protections. The Downtown Council also drafted a policy proposal prodding city leaders to bring negotiations about the fate of downtown’s Ronstadt Transit Center into full public view.

-Carla a resident near the Old Towne Apartments on 5th Avenue and 18th Street, spoke about ongoing crime problems, including repeated burglaries at her home.

-Look for upcoming bulletins on your doorstep from our neighborhood association.  Each bulletin will address Armory Park concerns, and let you know about important, upcoming meetings. Compiled by board Vice President Jack McLain, these missives mark a new effort by the board to keep neighbors apprised of issues that affect us all.

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