APNA Membership and Board Meeting: May 10

The next APNA meeting is Tuesday, May 10, at 7 pm at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church.  This meeting will be a combined membership meeting and board meeting;  the primary agenda items will be: 1) a presentation by the people who are developing the student housing at the former Greyhound bus site, and 2) membership discussion and action on recommendations for APNA position(s)/step(s) related to student housing.

In the days leading up to the meeting,  the board and neighbors will be posting background information for our deliberations.

— Liz

APNA Agenda May 10, 2011

Welcome and Introductions 

  • Call meeting to order at 7:00 PM
  • Welcome

Elizabeth B.


05 minutes
Presentation and Discussion:  

  • Presentation and Discussion

o   Jim Campbell, OasisTucson

o   Chris Leighton

o   Representative of Capstone

Board, APNA members, and neighborhood residents 40 minutes
In Camera Session
Consideration of neighborhood position on student housing proposals :: Discussion
Members only 40 minutes
Membership Direction Regarding In Camera Session
Action on recommendations for the APNA board
Board and members 5 minutes
Adjourn Membership Meeting
BOARD MEETING, 8:30 – 9:15 PM

  • Minutes
  • Treasurer’s report


05 minutes 


Old Business 

  • Support for Neighbors Helping Neighbors
  • Home Tour
  • Parking decals

George M.

Chris S.
John B.

20 minutes 


New Business 

  • Armory Park signs in Santa Rita neighborhood
  • Student Housing workgroup



20 minutes
Items for Future Meeting
Development principles
Imagine Greater Tucson
Armory Park Apartments, Steve Greenbaum
Adjourn Meeting

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