APNA Membership and Board Meeting, June 14, 7 pm

The next APNA board meeting is Tuesday, June 14 at 7 pm at St. Andrews Episcopal Church. There will be a short membership meeting to elect two new board alternates;  other important items include an update on student housing and on the 18th street traffic mitigations.  Complete agenda is pasted below and available for download.

Armory Park Neighborhood Association
Membership and Board of Directors Meeting Agenda
Tuesday, June 14, 2011 – 7:00 – 9:00 PM
St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church – 545 S. Fifth Ave.

Board Members: Elizabeth Burden, John Burr,  Tom Cline, Mark Crum, Phyllis Factor, Elizabeth Garber, George Mairs, Tod Santee, Chris Stebe, Jerry Swatez, Tim Vanderpool   Nadine Rund
Welcome and Introductions 

  • Call meeting to order at 7:00 PM
  • Welcome

Elizabeth B.


05 minutes
MEMBERSHIP MEETING, 7:05 – 7:20 pm
  • Board changes: Resignation and appointment
  • Election of board alternates
Membership 15 minutes
Adjourn Membership Meeting
BOARD MEETING, 7:20 – 9:00 PM

  • Minutes
  • Treasurer’s report


05 minutes 


Presentation by Guests 

  • Tucson Police Department
05 minutes
New Business 

  • Soccer Center
  • Midtown Liquor
  • Cyclovia 2012
  • Armory Park Yahoo Group and website

Tod/ Liz


30 minutes
Old Business 

  • Student Housing / workgroup
  • 18th Street Mitigations
  • Fiscal agency for Neighbors Helping Neighbors
  • Home Tour
  • Parking decals
  • Five Points Art Project

Elizabeth B.
John B.

George M.

Chris S.
John B.
John B.

40 minutes 


Committee Reports 

  • Membership
  • Historic Zone Advisory Board
  • Security/ Neighborhood Watch
  • Special Projects: Feral Cat—Policy re Trap/Neuter
  • Transportation/ Environs
  • Outreach


15 minutes
Call to the Audience 05 minutes
Items for Future Meeting
FY2011 Budget
Development principles
Armory Park Apartments, Steve Greenbaum
Unisource Building, Steve Lynn
Adjourn Meeting


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