Security Alert


As you may know there have been quite a number of cases of vandalism in our neighborhood of late. Primarily they have taken the form of cutting the wires that go to internet, cable TV and/or telephone. There have however been instances of someone turning off gas lines, electricity to homes as well as turning on water taps. Some neighbors have been hit multiple times.

Aside from the inconvenience of having to do without essential services until they are repaired and remedied, there is the added factor that these incidents are becoming more frequent and dangerous.

As part of Armory Park, you have the opportunity to join our neighborhood Yahoo Groups which allows every resident as well as local businesses to have email access to the group. From a purely security standpoint, the Yahoo Groups provides an almost instantaneous and almost all encompassing electronic Neighborhood Watch. Whereas, our individual Neighborhood Watches are generally organized on a block by block basis and are effective in that one area, Yahoo Groups covers all members throughout all of Armory Park so that we can be informed of what is going on throughout the neighborhood that may impact us.

Since most of the crime that occurs in Armory Park is perpetrated from people outside of the neighborhood, it is important that as many of us as possible be aware of who is coming and going around us. Yahoo Groups is a fast and convenient way to do this. It is also a good way of keeping up with events and community activities.

So, please help to make Armory Park a safer place for you and your neighbors and go to the Armory Park Neighborhood Associations website and scroll down to the bottom of the opening page and sign up on the left had side.

Look forward to hearing from you!

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