It's Alive

This website is gradually coming back to life. As happens in most volunteer organizations, circumstances have changed for those previously doing the work. That means that functions that have worked well in the past have deteriorated or stopped working altogether. No updates have happened since 2015.

The good news is that often someone will come along to revive the lost function; that is what I am trying to do. I am a relatively newcomer to Armory Park (February 2016) and want to make a contribution to our remarkable community. The website can be very useful in keeping neighbors informed and bonding residents to their community.

There is much to do and I have just started. Much of the technical foundation for the site has become outdated. As I fix that, the changes should be invisible to you. The site has also become too complicated as various people added features which are no longer used or maintained. To make it practical for me and future volunteers to maintain the site, you will see it become simpler in functions and layout. If you have thoughts on these subjects, please share them with me. I will try to make the site useful to all.

This site is the voice of the Armory Park Neighborhood Association so the content will be governed by the association board. The Historic Advisory Board also has a space because APNA knows how important the APHZAB is to the future of our community. For subjects not fitting into this website, there are alternatives: for announcements, the listserve at and the news blog for items of general interest.

If you are curious and patient, please follow the sites changes as they happen. Otherwise, check back in a couple of weeks to see what progress has been made.

Ken Taylor


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