APNA Board Meeting Tuesday, May 8!

Don’t forget! The APNA Board will hold its monthly meeting Tuesday, May 8, at 7 PM, in St. Andrew’s Parish Hall. All are welcome!

In addition to updates on various APNA projects, we will also hear the latest about the proposal to rezone 747 S. 6th Ave. The property owner has asked to remove it from the Historic Preservation Zone to build a 48′ building.

Read on for the full agenda:

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Baffert Headlines APNA Agenda

The most important subject for the meeting was the Baffert Project at 6th Avenue and 18th Street. Both APNA and APHZAB (historic board) have sent letters to the zoning examiner for entry into the record of the hearing to happen at the Mayor & Council IMG_2607chambers Thursday (12 April) at 6:00 PM. Both boards will also make presentation of their concerns at the hearing. Neither board is pleased with the proposed building height of 48 feet, much taller than any structure nearby. However, the most important issue is retaining the property in the historic zone so that the APHZAB will have some voice in how the project proceeds and to avoid a new precedent which could destroy our Historic Preservation Zone and others. The board asked for maximum resident attendance at the hearing to show that the community was very concerned about developments. There was consensus that if this rezoning is approved, there will be a succession of such actions going north along 6th Avenue (Wanslee Motors, Philbaum Gallery, Roy’s Market and more). Imagine what 6th Avenue will look like lined with buildings 48 feet tall or taller. The most public face of Armory Park will be disfigured and the western part isolated from the rest.

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