April Board Agenda

Your APNA board will conduct its regular meeting Tuesday. The meeting is likely to have some vigorous discussion, especially regarding the proposed Baffert development at 18th Street and 6th Avenue. The meeting agenda follows:
APNA Agenda 4-10-18

Armory Park Neighborhood Association

Tuesday, April 10, 2018 – 7:00 – 8:30 PM St. Andrew’s Parish Hall – 545 S. Fifth Ave.

Board Members:

Anne Cooper-P, John Burr-VP, Tod Santee-T, David Bachman-Williams- S, Fernando Chiquette,

Mark Crum, Bill Duffy, Phyllis Factor, Dee Dee Means, Sue Ellen Schuerman, Nadine Rund, Paula Wilk.

Alternates: Giovanna Hesley, Jenny Maloney, Jack McLain, Carla Proano, Tim Vanderpool.

Guests: none expected

Welcome and Introductions 05 minutes
• Call meeting to order at 7:00 PM Anne
• Roll Call Anne
• General Introductions All
• Agenda Anne
Approvals 05 minutes
• Minutes of March 13, 2018 meeting Anne
• Treasurer’s Report through March 2018. David
Presentations Guests 10 minutes
• APHZAB; Baffert update Martha McClements
Committee Reports: (as necessary) 30 minutes
• Communications: Anne/ All
• Civic Engagement: DNaRC, TRRG, Five Points Anne/John
• Development: Broadway, Benedictine, PADs, Union John
• Environs:
•    Sidewalk Committee John
• Historic: Paula
• Historic Funds: Possible ACTION ITEM John
• Membership: Phyllis
• Security/Crime: Magnus Town Hall Anne
• Social: Porch Party in May Dee Dee
• Southside: American Eat Co. Anne
• Transportation: John
• Other Updates:
• Clean-up/ Tree-trimming, update from Primavera Anne


Old Business/ Other Updates 15 minutes
Baffert Project and Rezoning. Letter from APNA—ACTION ITEM Anne/John/All
New Business 05 minutes
Donovan Durban ( Park Tucson) will come in May or June with Parking updates


Items for Future Meetings/ Announcements

New Development Proposals,as always

All 5 minutes
•    Announcements:

•    4-12 Zoning Examiner Hearing re Baffert 6pm M&C chamber

•    4-16 M&C

•    4-16 T-PCHC-PRS, also 4-30

•    4-17 APHZAB

•    4-21 Cultivate Tucson

•    5-7 DNaRC

•    5-8 Next APNA Meeting, SA, 7 pm

Call to the Audience
Adjourn Meeting by 8:30pm

Please note- Action Items can be made on any item, whether indicated or not, per bylaws.

If you have difficulty reading the agenda above, you can download a PDF version at: APNA Agenda 4-10-18


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