APNA Meeting 12/11/18: DUSK Festival, Armory Park, and Crime

From APNA President Anne Cooper:

Dear Neighbors: 
Just a few notes and updates from the meeting last Tuesday.
Page Repp, promoter of the Dusk festival was at the meeting to hear feedback from the neighborhood regarding the festival. Brent Dennis (Parks and Rec) and Greg Jackson (City Manager’s office) as well as Steve Kozachik were also there to answer questions about Armory Park and the permit process for events at Armory Park.
The majority of the questions at the meeting and from the listserv could be listed into 3 categories: 1) noise, 2) access – specifically on 6th Avenue, and 3) privatization of the park.

Page addressed the noise and had copious notes showing the areas where the decibels exceeded the noise ordinance limit of 70-75 db  (the festival did receive a noise waiver from the city). Page stated that by taking decibel readings throughout the neighborhood during the festival, he was able to identify those areas that received the loudest noise. He believes that sound abatement in these areas can be achieved if the festival were to take place in 2019. He also touched on access to 6th Avenue and stated that a workaround was possible so that people would be able to access the post office and other buildings in the area.
Steve K spoke about privatization of Armory Park. He made it abundantly clear that the city is not interested in privatizing Armory Park, that it is a neighborhood park and should be open to all. Several neighbors have queried that if Rio Nuevo invests in Armory Park, Rio Nuevo would want private events to recapture some of their investment dollars. Luckily this is not the case. Rio Nuevo would recapture its investment through dollars spent in the existing downtown venues that festival attendees would visit before/after (ie: restaurants, hotels, bars) . Steve explained that the Rio Nuevo funds ($600K has been approved by the Rio Nuevo board) and the recently passed prop 407 funds (Armory Park is scheduled to receive $1.5 Million for upgrades starting in 2022) combined allow for substantial upgrades to the Park. He also stated that the city and Rio Nuevo will start working together and with our neighborhood to develop a plan that is acceptable to the majority of the stakeholders. (Armory Park Neighborhood, Rio Nuevo and the City).
Page then stated that he is looking for another downtown venue in which to hold the Dusk festival. If he is unable to, there was further discussion about the possibility of holding it again in Armory Park with continued input from the neighborhood. Noise, access and and the possibility of ending the festival at 10:00 on both nights was discussed.
While these issues have not been resolved, there were several in the audience who welcomed the festival and stated that although the music may not be their personal choice, a festival such as this once a year adds to the vitality of downtown and is welcomed. I took a show of hands to ask if we should continue the discussion and have Page come to the February meeting with updates on sound and access and the audience was overwhelmingly for it. We want your input, so please put the February meeting on your calendar.
We received the donation from Dusk – it was a check for $2500.00 (they also gave a check to the Armory Park Rec Center as well as the Children’s Museum). At Tuesday’s meeting the board moved to allocate $1000.00 to the historic preservation fund (APHZAB is doing a terrific job of scanning old neighborhood documents and the money will help to pay for the scanning), $1000.00 to Neighbors Feeding Neighbors and the balance of $500.00 into the APNA general fund.
Below is the latest police incident report. While crime continues to decline, please be vigilant in locking your gates and retrieving your packages/mail quickly.
Finally, we hope to see you all on Sunday at the annual APNA holiday party. Giovanna Hesley has graciously offered her home for this event and it will start at 5:00 and end at 8:00. Have a wonderful holiday season and our next meeting will be Tuesday February 12th.
Dispatched As
Officer Cleared
Incident As
S 4TH AV & E BROADWAY BL 12-14 Fri 07:00 PM Accident E183481090
0 S 4TH AV 12-14 Fri 06:27 PM Traffic Accident/Prp Dmg/Other Motor Vehc 1812140511
S 4TH AV & E BROADWAY BL 12-14 Fri 06:27 PM Accident E183481047
200 BLK S SCOTT AV 12-14 Fri 01:27 PM Fraud Fraud/Defrauding 1812140293
E 13TH ST & S SCOTT AV 12-14 Fri 01:10 PM Disorderly Conduct E183480643
0 E BROADWAY BL 12-14 Fri 12:04 PM Request For Police Death/Unknown Causes 1812140288
200 BLK E 13TH ST 12-14 Fri 11:46 AM Assault E183480545
S 4TH AV & E BROADWAY BL 12-14 Fri 09:18 AM Accident 1812140154
200 BLK E 13TH ST 12-13 Thu 05:32 PM Assault Assault/Minor Injury 1812130691
200 BLK S 5TH AV 12-13 Thu 04:54 PM Domestic Violence E183470778
200 BLK E 13TH ST 12-13 Thu 02:41 PM Assault/No Injury Assault/No Injury 1812130362
700 BLK S 5TH AV 12-13 Thu 05:18 AM Hazard E183470105
300 BLK E 12TH ST 12-12 Wed 10:11 PM Accident E183461168
E 12TH ST & S 4TH AV 12-12 Wed 05:03 PM Check Welfare E183460827
200 BLK E 13TH ST 12-12 Wed 01:05 PM Other Narcotic Drug Laws/Possession 1812120317
400 BLK S 4TH AV 12-11 Tue 09:07 PM Suspicious Activity E183451182
E 18TH ST & S 3RD AV 12-11 Tue 05:28 PM Suspicious Activity E183450949
200 BLK S 4TH AV 12-11 Tue 08:33 AM Burglary Suspicious Activity/Person 1812110158
E BROADWAY BL & E TOOLE AV 12-10 Mon 04:38 PM Hazard E183440811
100 BLK S STONE AV 12-09 Sun 09:02 PM Domestic Violence Assault/No Injury – Domestic Violence 1812090463
300 BLK E 14TH ST 12-09 Sun 09:21 AM Vehicle Gta/Stolen 1812090194
100 BLK S 4TH AV 12-09 Sun 05:12 AM Alarms E183430216
700 BLK S 3RD AV 12-09 Sun 04:08 AM Suspicious Activity E183430193
200 BLK E 13TH ST 12-09 Sun 02:45 AM Accident E183430148
200 BLK E 13TH ST 12-09 Sun 02:45 AM Traffic Accident/Prp Dmg/Hit-And-Run/Fixed Object 1812090102
400 BLK S 6TH AV 12-08 Sat 08:15 PM Suicidal E183420932
E 16TH ST & S 6TH AV 12-08 Sat 06:32 PM Check Welfare Public Assist/Check Welfare 1812080409
500 BLK S 6TH AV 12-08 Sat 06:03 PM Disorderly Conduct E183420823
600 BLK S 6TH AV 12-08 Sat 05:53 PM Threat Disorderly Conduct/Disturbing The Peace 1812080390
800 BLK S 2ND AV 12-08 Sat 12:45 PM Disorderly Conduct E183420530
400 BLK S 6TH AV 12-08 Sat 09:00 AM Suspicious Activity Public Assist/Check Welfare 1812090072
400 BLK S ARIZONA AV 12-07 Fri 06:37 PM Check Welfare E183410819
800 BLK S 2ND AV 12-07 Fri 02:19 PM Suspicious Activity Suspicious Activity/Person 1812070289
0 E MCCORMICK ST 12-07 Fri 01:29 PM Miscellaneous/Public 1812078522
100 BLK S 4TH AV 12-06 Thu 08:39 PM Check Welfare E183401085
200 BLK E 12TH ST 12-06 Thu 07:18 PM Check Welfare E183401026
600 BLK S 4TH AV 12-05 Wed 10:22 AM Miscellaneous Officer Miscellaneous/Officer 1812050191
E 13TH ST & S 6TH AV 12-05 Wed 12:35 AM Check Welfare E183390015
600 BLK S 4TH AV 12-04 Tue 10:35 PM Check Welfare E183381083
S 6TH AV & E BROADWAY BL 12-04 Tue 02:36 PM Bicycle Traffic E183380633
200 BLK E 13TH ST 12-04 Tue 08:37 AM Other Assault/No Injury 1812040122
400 BLK E 18TH ST 12-03 Mon 11:20 PM Check Welfare E183371170
700 BLK S 6TH AV 12-03 Mon 08:01 PM City Code Violation E183371015
200 BLK E 13TH ST 12-03 Mon 12:53 PM Sexoff E183370584
100 BLK S 6TH AV 12-02 Sun 10:58 PM Check Welfare E183361059
700 BLK S 6TH AV 12-02 Sun 04:50 PM Assault E183360737
200 BLK S 4TH AV 12-02 Sun 03:54 PM Suspicious Activity E183360683
E 17TH ST & S 6TH AV 12-02 Sun 03:48 PM Fight Assault/No Injury 1812020287
100 BLK S STONE AV 12-02 Sun 11:40 AM Domestic Violence Disorderly Conduct/Disturbing The Peace Dv 1812020193
400 BLK S 3RD AV 12-02 Sun 07:26 AM Suspicious Activity Suspicious Activity/Other 1812020121
E 19TH ST & S 2ND AV 12-01 Sat 04:03 PM Check Welfare E183350740
E 14TH ST & S 4TH AV 12-01 Sat 01:59 PM Sexoff E183350614
300 BLK E 12TH ST 12-01 Sat 09:19 AM Miscellaneous/Public 1812018505
0 E BROADWAY BL 12-01 Sat 06:02 AM Check Welfare E183350246
S 6TH AV & E BROADWAY BL 11-30 Fri 09:13 PM Traffic Accident/Prp Dmg/Hit-And-Run/Rr Train 1811300474
800 BLK S 4TH AV 11-30 Fri 07:52 PM Suspicious Activity E183341005
100 BLK E 17TH ST 11-30 Fri 05:12 PM City Code Violation E183340871
800 BLK S 6TH AV 11-30 Fri 09:52 AM Request For Police Narcotic Drug Laws/Possession 1811300148
0 E CORRAL ST 11-30 Fri 08:10 AM Vehicle Gta/Stolen 1811300139
700 BLK S 6TH AV 11-30 Fri 06:58 AM Mental Health Unit Mental Cases/Transported To Treatment Facility 1811300089
500 BLK S ARIZONA AV 11-29 Thu 05:10 PM Suspicious Activity E183330886
E 17TH ST & S 6TH AV 11-29 Thu 03:11 PM Miscellaneous Officer Miscellaneous/Officer 1811290375
700 BLK S 6TH AV 11-29 Thu 12:10 AM Burglary E183330004
100 BLK S 4TH AV 11-28 Wed 07:31 PM Suspicious Activity Arrest For Other Jurisdiction/Felony Warrant 1811280516
100 BLK S 4TH AV 11-28 Wed 06:18 PM Request For Police Assault/Minor Injury 1811280450
E 12TH ST & S 4TH AV 11-28 Wed 12:54 PM Hazard E183320546
200 BLK E 12TH ST 11-28 Wed 09:52 AM Property Found/Property 1811280189
100 BLK S 4TH AV 11-27 Tue 12:20 AM Suspicious Activity E183310011
300 BLK S 6TH AV 11-26 Mon 02:01 PM Other Miscellaneous/Officer 1811260363
200 BLK E 13TH ST 11-26 Mon 09:59 AM Larceny/From Motor Vehicle 1811268507
0 E BROADWAY BL 11-25 Sun 05:46 PM Domestic Violence E183290710
0 E BROADWAY BL 11-25 Sun 01:44 AM Fight Assault/No Injury 1811250061
E BROADWAY BL & S HERBERT AV 11-25 Sun 12:29 AM Check Welfare E183290028
E 17TH ST & S 4TH AV 11-24 Sat 09:40 PM Accident Dui/Property Damage Only Accident 1811240539
E 12TH ST & S SCOTT AV 11-24 Sat 06:37 PM Foot Duty E183280896
300 BLK E 12TH ST 11-24 Sat 05:22 PM Check Welfare E183280807
E 16TH ST & S HERBERT AV 11-24 Sat 04:04 PM Check Welfare E183280739
300 BLK E 17TH ST 11-24 Sat 11:48 AM Fight E183280510
300 BLK S STONE AV 11-24 Sat 03:18 AM Check Welfare E183280163
0 E BROADWAY BL 11-24 Sat 02:03 AM Disorderly Conduct E183280120
100 BLK S STONE AV 11-23 Fri 12:08 AM Check Welfare E183270005
100 BLK S 4TH AV 11-22 Thu 08:49 PM Non-Traffic Accident/Prprty Dmg-Leaving Scene 1811228527
100 BLK S 4TH AV 11-22 Thu 10:50 AM Check Welfare E183260300
E BROADWAY BL & S STONE AV 11-22 Thu 08:54 AM Foot Duty Immigration/Border Patrol Contacted Responded 1811220138
100 BLK S STONE AV 11-22 Thu 07:16 AM Disorderly Conduct E183260180
E 12TH ST & S 6TH AV 11-21 Wed 11:30 PM Field Interview/Veh Occ E183251181
200 BLK S HERBERT AV 11-20 Tue 11:25 PM Check Welfare E183241176
E 17TH ST & S 6TH AV 11-20 Tue 11:19 AM Disorderly Conduct E183240421
200 BLK S 5TH AV 11-20 Tue 02:35 AM Field Interview/Veh Occ E183240080
700 BLK S 6TH AV 11-19 Mon 03:29 PM Larceny/All Others 1811198534
S 4TH AV & E BROADWAY BL 11-18 Sun 05:13 PM Sexoff E183220622
0 E BROADWAY BL 11-18 Sun 02:25 AM Domestic Violence Robbery/Highway 1811180064
100 BLK S STONE AV 11-17 Sat 10:38 PM Larceny Larceny/All Others 1811170487
800 BLK S HERBERT AV 11-17 Sat 04:14 PM Accident E183210596
E 12TH ST & S 5TH AV 11-17 Sat 02:20 PM Foot Duty E183210494
200 BLK S 5TH AV 11-17 Sat 12:57 PM Check Welfare E183210431
E 12TH ST & S 6TH AV 11-17 Sat 10:38 AM Other 1811170175
S 6TH AV & E BROADWAY BL 11-17 Sat 02:48 AM Fight Assault Aggravated/Other 1811170066
0 E CORRAL ST 11-16 Fri 11:06 PM Burglary E183201208
100 BLK S 6TH AV 11-16 Fri 03:57 PM Suspicious Activity E183200731

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