Brush and Bulky Plus the Week of 12/31/18

20181212_130157Heads up! Our next Brush and Bulky (B&B) collection will be the week of 12/31/18—which means probably 1/2/19 or 1/3/19.

Why are we having B&B now? It’s because the City has redone the entire zone structure to avoid splitting neighborhoods. Also for 2019 it’s launching “Brush and Bulky Plus.” We will be in a new zone, 05. We and others in Zone 5 will be the guinea pigs for this new program. We expect to have a City rep explain it at an upcoming APNA meeting.

Scheduling information can be seen on the map on the B&B+ web page (

As a new program, any bugs will be worked out over time, with close coordination between City staff and the neighborhood. Since the next B&B will happen so soon, Ken Taylor will try to start a sidewalk clearing effort.

According to B&B: Doorhanger notifications will not be delivered beginning with 2019 collections [including our next one]. A schedule will be mailed in mid-December. To set your own e-mail or text reminders, use Recycle Coach! It’s easy and provides access to Trash & Recycling info at your fingertips.

What is B&B Plus? “Plus” services include:

  • Removal of overgrowth and litter in rights-of-way
  • Clean-up of illegal dumping
  • Graffiti removal
  • Street sign repairs or replacement
  • Pothole repair
  • Street sweeping

What the city will do:

  • Contact neighborhood associations within the pick-up area approximately one month ahead of the Brush & Bulky PLUS Collection to identify neighborhood clean-up priorities.
  • Review the collection area to identify any rights-of-way or easements that require clean up.
  • Work with Tucson Police and Fire to identify areas that will minimize safety risks if clean-up is provided.
  • Identify properties that are in violation of the Neighborhood Preservation Ordinance. Contact the property owners/residents by mail to remind them of the property maintenance requirements and that the upcoming Brush & Bulky PLUS collection can provide an opportunity to dispose of yard waste or debris.

All of the information above is available on the city website at:

A B&B+ factsheet can be viewed at:

APNA will also continue to arrange the annual two dumpster placements, probably one each at the midpoint between B&Bs.

Well-kept communities encourage neighborliness and discourage criminal elements. Many Armory Park homes and other structures have been refurbished in recent years, improving neighborhood’s attractiveness. The revised Brush and Bulky program can be a great help for the appearance of our community.

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