General Membership Meeting Tuesday 9/11

Remember, this Tuesday’s APNA meeting is a general membership meeting. Even if you’re not an APNA member, feel free to come! We will have representatives from the Police Department, the Ward 6 office, and Community Bridges present. We’ll also hear about the latest on neighborhood and downtown developments, our new listserv, and keeping Armory Park’s traffic circles clean and beautiful.

The meeting’s Tuesday at 7:00 PM in the Parish Hall at St. Andrew’s Church.

Here’s the agenda:

Welcome and Introductions
· Call meeting to order at 7:00 PM
· Roll Call
· General Introductions
· Agenda
TPD presentation
· Statistics,Neighborhood Info, Trends
· Questions/Answers
· Dog Walkers Watch
· CBI Update
· Ward VI Update
· Dusk Music Festival, Armory Park, November
· Gentrification Seminar presentation
Neighborhood Committee Updates
· Communications: Transition to Google-groups
· Civic Engagement: DNaRC,
· Development: Union on 6th, Baffert, IID, Others
· Environs: Sidewalks
· Membership: New Members needed-Election Committee
· Social: Upcoming Events
· Roundabout Adoption/Tree trimming project
Other Updates
APHZAB- Meeting on 10-18-18, 7pm
Rio Nuevo presentation
Historic Landscape Survey Update
Call to Audience
Feedback for November General Meeting and 2019


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