Let’s Give Our Traffic Circles Some TLC!

Traffic circle

Do you want to help keep Armory Park’s traffic circles clean and beautiful? Then please join us! The APNA Board recently decided to adopt our traffic circles under the city’s adopt-a-street program. Giovanna Hesley has graciously taken the lead on the project. See her message below the break.

Hello, neighbors!
I have the honor of being the point person for our neighborhood’s adopt-a-street volunteers. I will be watering the trees and plants in the traffic circles each month and coordinating volunteers so that we can have beautiful, healthy, clean, and safe traffic circles. The city has offered helpful assistance including waste pick up, safety signs and vests, and tools. They ask in return that we submit simple, online reports each time we do work so that they know of our efforts.
I hope to make this fun and slightly competitive. Seasonal or holiday themes might be displayed as long as they don’t disrupt traffic or cause safety issues. If you are already taking care of a circle or bump-out please let me know so I can get you help and show you the report.
I will be at the September 11th meeting if you would like to meet face to face. I am on the Historic Zoning Board and an alternate on the Neighborhood Association Board. You can catch me at most meetings or here at The Green House which is my business and home.
Be involved in your beautiful neighborhood by volunteering to take care of a traffic circle!
I look forward to hearing from you.
Open Garden on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month 5-7pm
J. L. Giovanna Hesley
The Green House Tucson

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