Barrio Historico Wins an Historic Appeal

Good news! Barrio Historico has won its appeal before Mayor and Council, rejecting a proposed townhouse development incompatible with its historic zone. (It’s Item #10 on the attached Legal Action Report.)


“It was moved by Council Member Kozachik, duly seconded and PASSED by a roll call vote of 6 to 1 (Council Member Fimbres dissenting), to reverse the Planning and Development Services Department Director’s decision, grant the appeal and deny the HPZ application.

“Mr. Rankin noted that the basis of the motion, as provided in the Mayor and Council’s discussion, was that the application was not compatible with the purposes and standards of the HPZ and the applicable technical standards.”

May 22 Legal Action Report

3 thoughts on “Barrio Historico Wins an Historic Appeal”

  1. VIVA Barrio Anita, long live my Pueblo, ……my Mexican heritage squishy Sombrero goes to all !!


  2. Correction! Oop’s please scratch off from my previews post, Barrio Anita to Barrio Historico, ……..we have our historical foot prints all over Tucson.


  3. Hello out there,

    Please send in your comments, we have lots of existing problems to resolve in our Community
    Please lets work together. Send in your issues, your concerns, your thoughts,
    ideas, proposals, you name it, so we can make our residential community a better,
    happier, and safer place to live in.

    Together we can make the difference.


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