One thought on “New Bungalows Going Up”

  1. O boy, on an narrow small, almost tiny cross roads, new humongous building going up soon on 18TH and 6th, also there are several new bungalows homes to be almost completed, very limited parking, transients, homeless, winos, mental uncared unstable people walking the streets, shanty hand made shelters, a crowded congested astronomical parking galore yet to be seen ………cracked streets full of holes, downtown fast life, indeed an overcrowded business controlled district.

    Why should we congest key principal entrances, and exists on 6th, Stone and 18th, in reality, what are our options on a national emergency? Safety, ample exists, life saving supplies, what have you, do we plan to be sane or here for the next generation?

    Surely we all need to consider our survival besides more businesses, eating, singing, dancing and drinking!!
    In our once historical business district and peaceful Armory Park residential historical home district,
    At this rate, surely to be by gone.

    Business tax producing entities versus home sweet home happy residents soon shall be no more…………..but happy tax governmental entities.

    So, What ‘s new in Armory Park historical residential district?


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