APNA Board Meeting Tuesday, May 8!

Don’t forget! The APNA Board will hold its monthly meeting Tuesday, May 8, at 7 PM, in St. Andrew’s Parish Hall. All are welcome!

In addition to updates on various APNA projects, we will also hear the latest about the proposal to rezone 747 S. 6th Ave. The property owner has asked to remove it from the Historic Preservation Zone to build a 48′ building.

Read on for the full agenda:

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Will the City Shrink Our Historic District?

REMINDER: The City is about to decide whether to rezone the property at 747 S 6th Ave and remove it from the Historic Preservation Zone (HPZ), in order to to permit the property owner to build a 48′ building on the site. If approved, this would be the first time a property has been removed from the Armory Park HPZ in its history. The City says this won’t set a precedent, but…

People interested in Armory Park’s future should consider attending the zoning hearing. The hearing is Thursday, May 3, at 6:00 PM in Mayor and Council Chambers at City Hall.


Zoning Examiner’s Agenda May 3, 2018

Downtown Tucsonan

Discussions in APNA and Historic Board meetings often cover things that are occurring in the downtown area. The Downtown Tucson Partnership has a feature on their website that may keep us better informed. Their Downtown Tucsonan page, reached at the NEWS tab (or https://www.downtowntucson.org/news/), will give you articles of interest. If you want a month by month reports covering  announcements, construction, housing and more, go to:  (https://www.downtowntucson.org/2017/10/downtown-pulse/).

Keeping up with the action downtown can facilitate those activities that attracted many of us to Armory Park. On the other hand you may learn of causes for concern regarding neighborhood and historic preservation. It’s a changing world out there; STAY INFORMED.

Help for Homeless Neighbors

As downtown residents, most of us are familiar with the Downtown Tucson Partnership (DTP). Their mission statement is: To be the catalyst for making Downtown Tucson the place people want to live, work, and play; where new ideas happen; and that is the economic development and cultural epicenter of the region. The ability to attract businesses and customers is an essential component.

One part of this effort is to minimize unpleasant experiences for downtown visitors. Unfortunately our large homeless population is often part of unpleasant experiences. DTP has taken a number of steps to discourage homeless people from making downtown public areas their home. One example is cleaning pavements in areas where people congregate overnight. The use of machinery and water spray makes the areas uncomfortable places to sleep.

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Armory Park Plan Published

Susan Beirer and Steve Grede made a presentation to APNA last May regarding a plan to document and preserve the public landscape (streetscape) of Armory Park. At that time it was agreed that the final document would be added to APNA website when finished. That has now happened and now Armory Park Conservation Master Plan 2017 is available to be downloaded as a PDF. It has been published by the Heritage Conservation Program of the College of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture.

The plan came out of Helen Erickson’s Preservation Planning spring 2017 class.  Whatever your level of interest in Armory Park’s public spaces you will find something for you in this document. If your interest in the history and landscape is not too deep, scan through the pictures and read some of the related text. You will learn some new things about Armory Park. If you are deeply interested, you won’t want to miss a single word.

Contact Susan Bierer (sbierer@email.arizona.edu) with any questions.

Merry Christmas

It may seem a little early for Christmas wishes but this is about Christmas past. Bill Duffy has announced the results of our 2016 Armory Park Holiday Lighting and Decoration Contest WINNERS! The pictures were too much for the listserv so you can see them here. This is Bill’s message:

The judges have spoken, and the votes have been counted! We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2016 Armory Park Holiday Lighting and Decoration Contest. First, three categories the judges decided to add after they toured the neighborhood. Each of these three will receive a $10 Gift Certificate from Johnny Gibson’s Market. 1. Best Front Entry: 714 S 3rd Ave. (Sorry – this is the one winner the judges forgot to take a photo of!)

3a 812 S 4th Ave
812 S 4th Ave

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