Will the City Shrink Our Historic District?

REMINDER: The City is about to decide whether to rezone the property at 747 S 6th Ave and remove it from the Historic Preservation Zone (HPZ), in order to to permit the property owner to build a 48′ building on the site. If approved, this would be the first time a property has been removed from the Armory Park HPZ in its history. The City says this won’t set a precedent, but…

People interested in Armory Park’s future should consider attending the zoning hearing. The hearing is Thursday, May 3, at 6:00 PM in Mayor and Council Chambers at City Hall.


Zoning Examiner’s Agenda May 3, 2018

One thought on “Will the City Shrink Our Historic District?”

  1. According to the City 747 S. 6TH AVE, rezoning approval wont set a precedent?

    its not up to the City to decide that it wont set a precedent. Per our Constitution, judicial courts are the ones to define law cases not the City. If the City follows through and approves rezoning and permits the building of this humongous building, Its big business’s versus residential, definitely residents are leaving the
    door open for other businesses to follow through, its a good financial tax bet that it will legally set a precedent.

    If approved, why would just one commercial building would have the sole privilege to be permitted to be rezoned, among no others? What is the evidence that the City asserts that this approval wont set a present,
    what are they basing themselves in expressing their opinion with such bold assurance?

    Raymond I. Beltran
    tel. 520-331-3607


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