Sidewalk Repair/Replace Status

20200331_133712An update from Ken Taylor:

As we near the end of the first phase of the APNA sidewalks improvement project, this is to keep you informed of our progress.
Concrete replacement: All of the demolition and concrete replacement is finished for this phase. The areas around each work site should have been cleaned up. If you see anything missed, please let me know.
Grinding: Significant tripping hazards remaining in the project area for this phase are to be ground down to minimize the hazard. The work was stopped for a time while I worked with the contractor to insure that the results would be acceptable. The contractor expects work to resume next week.

Planning next phase: I am starting to consider how the next phase should be done. We have completed the area with the most foot and wheelchair traffic, the north-center part of the neighborhood. This is also the area where most parking permit holders reside. A portion of their fees is paying for most of the work. This year we will have spent over $45,000, but for the upcoming years we can only expect about $10,000 each year. I hope to raise some additional money from contributions and from property owners who want to pay to have their sidewalk repairs done sooner. If we don’t get more money from somewhere besides the permit fees, the entire project will take at least ten years.
My current thinking is that the next phase will include the sidewalk on one side of one or more major avenues to facilitate access from the south part of the neighborhood. Perhaps two of the E-W streets would also get a sidewalk repaired on one side. I am also researching less expensive options to repair some places too bad to grind but which might not need replacement.
If you have thoughts on the matter, please share them with me via return email.

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