Long-Awaited Sidewalk Project Begins!

28423168_1199799833488419_1102280775872389326_oFrom Ken Taylor: “Work on our sidewalk project started this morning on 5th Avenue just south of 15th Street. Work will begin daily as early as 7:00 AM so we can get through the project quickly to shorten the inevitable disruptions. Your patience will help complete this important neighborhood improvement. If you have questions or feedback, please email me or text me at 520-301-7113. It’s really a pleasure to see this long delayed project finally under construction.”
More background on the project below the fold:

This phase of the project will spend about $40,000 on replacing damaged sections and grinding some places to reduce tripping hazards. Most of the money has come from parking permit fees collected by the City and has accumulated over the past three years or so. This will be our biggest effort because of the accumulated money. Future phases will be smaller since we expect to accumulate about $10,000 each year. TUSD and the city are working together to repair the sidewalks around Safford School but the timing is not known now. 

To summarize the project area: The east and west boundaries are defined by 3rd and 6th avenues but no work will be done along either of them except for the “must do” area at 544 S 6th Avenue. The north boundary is 12th Street (south side only) and the south boundary is 15th Street (north side only). Two more “must do” areas south of 15th are at 115 E 16th Street and 640 S 4th Avenue. The “must do” areas are those where the property owner has paid to have the sidewalk repaired. About 150 5′ by 5′ squares will be replaced.
Many community sidewalks are in poor shape and can’t all be fixed now. The area chosen for this phase is in the north-center of the neighborhood, the area most traveled by walkers and wheelchair users. Future phases will move further south as money permits. APNA’s partners in the project are the contractor Sunland Asphalt and the City Transportation Department (TDOT). Both have been excellent to work with.

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