July 2019 APNA Meeting Summary

For those who missed the July 9 meeting, here is an Executive Summary from APNA President Anne Cooper:

Minutes and financial reports were approved from May 2019.

Treasurer’s Report: Donna Taylor, new Treasurer, provided new reports that were approved by the board. It was suggested and agreed to that we continue to bank with Wells Fargo for the foreseeable future. It was agreed that a finance standing committee be formed to assist Donna with projects.

Communications: Ken Taylor proposed creating a G-Suite (Google) email address for individual board members and committee members that could retain some anonymity for private user’s information. It was decided it should be an Action Item for discussion on the August agenda.

Civic Engagement: Anne showed the board the newly created documents created by PDSD for a good overview of complex issues for residents to better understand. Copies of these documents will be available on the website and will be passed out at next month’s meeting.

Sidewalks: Anne is working with the city on this project. She will meet with the folks in the transportation department next week to start the process of identifying the sidewalks needing the most attention. More to come.

Clean-up – Streetscapes: Ken Taylor is willing to be the Chair for a new Standing Committee (Streetscape Committee), with Donna as the APNA board member.  In general, the committee will oversee the Brush and Bulky program, roll-off program, community clean-up efforts  (including the round abouts) and general maintenance of the community not done by the city.

Bylaws Ad Hoc Committee: Anne updated the board about the progress on an updated version of the bylaws. The Bylaws Ad-Hoc Subcommittee has drafted a revised version for the board to consider for discussion at the August meeting.

APNA Meetings: It was proposed that the meetings start at 6:30 instead of 7:00. Anne will work with St. Andrews to see if this is feasible. Update in August.

Here’s the Treasurer’s Report: 2019 May and June APNA Treasurer Report

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