Do We Want the Dusk Music Festival in Armory Park This Year?

Dti0haqUUAA4hlJA message and a request from APNA President Anne Cooper:

As many of you know we had Page Repp, promoter of the Dusk festival, come to the APNA meetings in December and last night to discuss the 3 main concerns that arose from the Dusk festival last November. To reiterate they were:
1) Noise
2) Access and
3) Start/end time of festival

At the December meeting Page stated that he would research the 3 issues and report back at our February APNA meeting.

Last night, Page presented the following:

1). As compared to last year, the festival will open at 3:00 pm on both days and will end at 11:00 on Saturday and 10:00 pm. on Sunday.
2). Access to the post office and the surrounding areas that are closed off during the festival will be open before and after the festival hours both days.
3). Page’s research determined there are new technologies that will help mitigate the noise to the surrounding areas. He would implement those new technologies, with technicians monitoring the noise levels during the festival.  Additionally, he has agreed to lower the decibel level from 100 to 90 decibels.

While the final say on whether or not the festival is approved lies with the city, they do take our input into consideration.

So… my question is: based on the above commitments Page has made for a potential Dusk festival this year:

1) Is the event worth trying again in its current location,
2)  or is it simply too out of scale for that site.

Please send your reply to me directly ( as I will be collating the information and sending it to the city. 

Thanks for your response and please provide it no later than Friday morning (2/15) as I have committed to providing the city your response by Friday afternoon.

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