APNA’s 11/13/18 Meeting: Crime, Armory Park, Dusk Festival

Some notes from APNA President Anne Cooper about last Tuesday’s general meeting:
We had representatives from the police department and Pima County attorneys office discuss crime in the neighborhood and how we can continue our dialogue to make Armory Park a safe neighborhood. We will continue to actively partner with them to ensure the police coverage we are enjoying continues.
(please see police incident report below).
We had a continued discussion about Armory Park and in particular the Dusk Festival. As a followup to this and the listserv discussions, I have invited and confirmed Brent Dennis (the head of Parks and Rec), Steve Kozachik (Ward 6 councilman) and Greg Jackson (city managers office who approves special permits for Armory Park) to the next APNA meeting on December 11th. I will send out reminders in advance so that we can get as many people who want, to attend. Come with your questions and solutions – we want this to be a fruitful discussion.

Rio Nuevo has approved $500K as an investment to revitalize Armory Park (these monies are slated for the park only, not the center, which might get its own funding). I had planned on inviting the landscape architect and president of Rio Nuevo, Fletcher McCusker to next months meeting, but believe that we need to understand how events are approved at armory park first (see above). Normally, we do not have a general meeting in January, but will have one if there are enough folks wanting to attend a presentation by the landscape architect (subject to his availability). As stated earlier, this upgrade is not a done deal. It has to be approved by our APHZAB board as well as the city – there is plenty of time to review the presentation. I was at the last Rio Nuevo meeting and stressed that the neighborhood needs to see what is being proposed. Send me your thoughts, either privately or over the list serv. The sooner the better as I want to get commitments from Rio Nuevo.
Don’t forget – El Tour is this weekend!
Please don’t hesitate to reach out to any one of your board members, we are here to represent you. Thanks for making this a wonderful neighborhood to live in.

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