Armory Park, Gentrification, CBI, Crime, Board Elections

Updates from APNA President Anne Cooper:
1) Rio Nuevo and the city are actively looking at upgrading Armory Park back to its look from the 1940’s. More grass, a new band shell, and different seating. This is not a done deal and Fletcher McCusker of Rio Nuevo will have to work with the city on several issues. With this in mind, the idea is to create a more lively and active Armory Park. It is the only downtown park and has been a great resource for many activities throughout the years. Parking is and will be a problem and one that Rio Nuevo is aware of and is willing to work with us on. They are the group that created the parking system for the barrio near the Tucson Convention Center and have offered to promote a similar system for the Armory Park Neighborhood. More to come on this.
2) There was a gentrification seminar held last month in the Dunbar Springs neighborhood. Gentrification is a real issue for Tucson, especially with the development in downtown. It is not an easy issue, as many cities throughout the United States have been affected by it. How cities stay vibrant through development while keeping older, established communities affordable is a dilemma no one has fully tackled. There will be a symposium by the Southwest fair housing council on Oct 26th to start to address some of these issues. Further gentrification seminars will take place and I will keep you posted on their date/time and location.

3) City Councilman Steve Kozachik , Ward 6 staff member Diana Amado, John Burr, Michael Lex and I met with one of the directors of Community Bridges, Inc. (CBI) to continue our discussion of how we support CBI in the neighborhood. As promised, they have added security lights to the outside of the building and with some adjustments, effectively light the surrounding area without shining into the surrounding homes. They have also increased perimeter checks. We left feeling we have developed a strong partnership with open lines of communication.
4) Looking at the police incidents report for 9/26 – 10/19. I am pleased that the flurry of larcenies has almost diminished. Please continue to be diligent in locking your doors and gates and reporting any concerns on the listserv. Also, if you suspect illegal activity, please contact the police dept.
5) Our next meeting will be Tuesday, November 13th and we will be electing new board members. Please consider running for a board position. It takes very little commitment and will introduce you to neighbors who have the same interests of keeping our community safe and vibrant.

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