August 14 APNA Board Meeting

Don’t forget! The Armory Park Neighborhood Association Board is having its monthly meeting Tuesday night at 7:00 PM at the St. Andrew’s Parish Hall at S 5th Ave and E 16th St. Come and hear what’s going on in the neighborhood, downtown, and in other neighborhoods that might affect us!

Here’s the agenda:

Welcome and Introductions

·             Call meeting to order at 7:00 PM

·             Roll Call

·             General Introductions

·             Agenda


·         Minutes from July meeting



Committee Reports: (as necessary)

·       Communications:

·       Civic Engagement: DNaRC,

·       Development: Broadway, Benedictine, PADs, Union, Baffert (update and vote on agreement)

·       Environs:

·         Sidewalk Committee

·       Membership:

·       Social:

·       Transportation:

·       Roundabout/Tree trimming project – update for Sept

·                                   Tucson clean and beautiful update

Old Business/ Other Updates

      Yahoo/Google presentation

       Update on 3rd avenue B+B


New Business

      Neighborhood Clean-up crew


Items for Future Meetings/ Announcements

·         New Development, Proposals, as always


·         Announcements:

·         9/10  DNaRC

·         9/11  Next APNA Meeting, SA, 7pm – general meeting

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