2014 Board's First Meeting – An Introduction from the New President

Hi Neighbors –

The Armory Park Neighborhood Association’s board met this Saturday for its 2014 Strategic Planning Meeting. As always, we’re excited to continue representing Armory Park’s interests and seeking new ways to improve the quality of life in the neighborhood.

This year, we hope to rekindle communication in the neighborhood so that can we can better represent your interests and find creative solutions to the problems you see outside your front door. In particular, there are many proposals for improving infrastructure and the usability of Armory Park’s public spaces: traffic circle maintenance, keeping minor avenues clean and clear, sidewalk repairs, improved lighting, general safety, and invigorating spaces like the Five Points Gateway and the Center for Performing Arts.

And as always, the Board is keeping an eye out for changes in land use regulations, major infill development downtown, significant roadway projects (including the 22nd St. widening and Downtown Links), and other external actions that affect our neighborhood’s character. We are especially eager to see how the city’s new Office of Integrated Planning, which now oversees the departments for historic preservation design review, code enforcement, zoning, and neighborhood resources, will affect our ability to voice Armory Park’s interest as a stakeholder in Tucson.

On a final and related note, as the new President of APNA, I wanted to reach out to you all, introduce myself, and ask for a bit of help. I am a relatively new resident of the neighborhood; I moved from Lawrence, Kansas, to study law at the University of Arizona four years ago, and recently graduated. However, while I might be able to read dense land use ordinances, I need your input as to what is most important to you. So, please reach out to us if you have any concerns or an itch to get involved in a specific project. With your help, 2014 will be a great year for Armory Park.

I look forward to serving you all,

-Grant Wille

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