Join in the Neighborhood Clean-up in October

With the Home Tour coming up, it’s a good time to clean up our neighborhood. APNA has arranged to have four dumpsters placed in the neighborhood, October 7 – 14.  One will be on 17th, just west of 3rd, but we need to find locations for the other three, in different parts of the neighborhood.  Please e-mail pefaz [at] or call Phyllis at 520-623-8722 if you have a place for a dumpster.

We encourage neighbors to take advantage of the dumpsters and trim your landscaping.  Remember, the city code states “Vegetation must be trimmed and maintained to provide an unobstructed pedestrian path a minimum of forty eight (48) inches in width and eighty (80) inches in height from grade.”  The fine for not complying can range from $100 to $2,500!  Trim the trees by the street, too—the law says it’s your responsibility.  (See an article by betts* for tips on pruning…)

On Saturday, October 22, join us for a Neighborhood Clean-up that focuses on the streets, minor avenues, and public areas.  Meet at 541 S 3rd Avenue (the Gohdes’s) in Armory Park del Sol for LeCave’s donuts and coffee or tea (milk for the kids) between 8:00-8:30 AM. Meet your neighbors and then pick up bags and vinyl gloves, and head out to collect the trash—maps provided.  It’s helpful if you bring a small rake, grabber, or other implement to get the stuff out of the bushes.

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