Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Neighbors Helping Neighbors is a new organization in the neighborhood, connecting  volunteers with neighbors in need, sponsored by the Armory Park Neighborhood Association and the Armory Center.   We’re also a part of Neighbors’ Care Alliance and Pima Council on Aging.

Drop by our office at the Center and say Hi to our dispatcher.

Starting in October, we’ll begin providing neighbors with rides to medical appointments or for necessary grocery shopping;  we also run critical errands like picking up prescriptions.  And all our services are free.  If you can donate a little time or cash, that’s fine but not required. (You can make donations through the APNA website; make sure to indicate your donation is for Neighbors Helping Neighbors.

We’re looking for clients.  If you’re fifty-five or older and live in Armory Park, we’ll talk to you about signing up for transportation.  If you’re eligible for other services like SunVan, we’re not out to replace them, but we want to hear about your situation.  Call us at 520-344-3222 for an interview.

Author: Ken Taylor

I am a relatively recent Armory Park resident (2/16) along with my wife, Donna and our little dog Lulu. In our 7+ decades, Donna and I lived over 30 years in Anchorage, Alaska before moving to Arizona. We have been Arizona residents for 16 years before coming here including 12 in Green Valley and four in west Tucson. We love the neighborhood for its history, walkability and interesting residents. Lulu insists on walking every day so you may see us following her around and picking up trash to keep our neighborhood presentable.

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