Parking Program Finally Here

The Armory Park Neighborhood Association has created a new parking program for residents in the neighborhood. It’s a voluntary program that’s designed to complement the already existing Parkwise programs that are available to all residents in the area. By covering areas where those programs are not desirable, needed, or cost effective, it can provide some of the same benefits, and a few added benefits at minimal or no cost.

Each APNA membership will be provided a free decal. (Couple memberships receive 2 decals.) Non-members will pay  $10 for the first permit.  All secondary/additional decals for anyone, will be available for $5. This is a one-time cost.

For more information about the program, please download the Armory Park Neighborhood Parking Program Package (MS Word, 7 pages), which includes the application. Please review the whole document. Hopefully, it will answer any questions you may have about the program, and about parking problems and parking laws now enforced throughout the area.

Then, simply print out the 1 page application, fill it in and follow the instructions so you can get your decal as soon as possible!

Thank you for participating!

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