PRONeighborhoods Workshop: Time Banks in Action

Time Banks in Action:
Changing Your Neighborhood One Hour at a Time
Facilitated by Nan Carle
Saturday, January 22, 2011 9AM – 1PM
Ward IV Council Office, 3202 East 1st St

Nan has a special interest in building strong communities able to include all our diverse members. She is working with Time Banks in the United Kingdom and the United States as a way to promote networks of support and uncover hidden talents.
Time Banks take many shapes. They can be used in pursuit of such wide-ranging goals as social justice, healthy lifestyles, and local sustainability. At the most basic level, Time Banks involve earning Time Dollars for hours you spend doing something for someone in your neighborhood. Then you have Time Dollars to spend having someone do something for you. In this workshop we will explore ways to start changing our Tucson communities, one hour at a time.
This training is for anyone who wants to be an agent of change! Current and future Time Bank coordinators, public officials, volunteers, neighborhood and community organizations, education professionals and youth workers will all find something of value to bring home.

All workshops are free, but registration is required. Please call (520) 882-5885 to reserve your space or register online.

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