January 2010 Minutes

PDF of January 2010 Minutes

Armory Park Neighborhood Association Board Meeting
12 January, 2010
St. Andrew’s Sanctuary

Board Members Present: Chuck Bressi, Liz Burden, John Burr, Phyllis Factor, Elizabeth Garber, George Mairs, Karen Olson, Brooke Sanders, Chris Stebe, Jerry Swatez, Tim Vanderpool, Nadine Rund (alternate), and Tim Cline (alternate)

Guests: Vicki Burnum, Kate Ervin, and Mary Sabatini

Meeting called to order 7:03 pm by President Liz Burden

November Minutes: Reference to ward 5 to be corrected to ward 6. Motion to approve by Chuck Bressi, 2nd by John Burr; approved by the Board.

Additions to the agenda are included below in the minutes

Committee Reports


  • Treasurer Chuck Bressi reported $13,016.25 is currently in the treasury and submitted a detailed report.
  • He noted that last year, the treasury increased whereas in the two previous years it lost money. This was due to fundraisers and increased membership (up about $1000).
  • APNA doesn’t need $13,000 in bank, but shouldn’t go below $5,000, so there is flexibility for next year.
  • The report projected 2010 expenses and income but notes these are flexible. Items discussed for the 2010 budget were:
    • The newsletter, with discussion centering on whether APNA should produce its own newsletter. The city budget crisis may demand this; additionally, it would give more flexibility to content included: for example, neighborhood restaurant reviews are prohibited by the city, as they are deemed commercial endorsements. Each newsletter costs about $300 to produce and distribute to APNA members (vs. all neighbors): distributing to members only is contentious. To produce and distribute the newsletter to all neighbors through walkers is about $90.
    • An APNA phone number, to be included as an office expense. Suggested were a Qwest voice mail or a “free phone” number. Chuck volunteered to research options. It was suggested that the phone should be separated as an expense from printing and copying.
    • Payment to St. Andrew’s: $300 a year for APNA’s & AZHZAB’s use of meeting hall: this needs to be added to the 2010 budget presented by Chuck. Chuck moved we pay rent for use of St. Andrew’s; Phyllis seconded. Motion passed.
    • Neighborhood parties: suggested was addition of a line expense of at least $600/year.
    • Insurance hasn’t been utilized in the last few years: Chuck talked to an attorney who said that Board activities are low risk unless we’re dealing with highly controversial issues or are grossly negligent.
    • It was suggested to increase membership dues: dropping it didn’t increase membership. So keep membership at $10. Though long-term is to delete all dues, but unofficially someone who can’t pay it the fee can be negotiated.
  • Motion: Taking into account the above discussion, it was proposed that Chuck revise and propose a budget for 2010.


Communications: George Mairs

  • The newsletter is scheduled to be published on a regular basis, every other month. Copy is due at the end of the preceding month: e.g., for February, it’s due at the end of January. Phyllis’ contributions to be newsletter were noted. George aired various ideas for articles, called for other ideas, and invited contributions. The use of the neighborhood blog for some items was discussed. The importance of the printed newsletter to some residents, such as those at the Senior Citizens Center, was noted.



  • No report: Liz noted that it was on the agenda as a place-holder.


Outreach: Karen Olson

  • The holiday party was a success thanks to contributions to many people. It attracted some new people. Welcome packets for new neighbors are still going out. Upcoming events: a possible Hallowe’en block party, another ice cream social. Fliers announcing these events seem to have worked.


Membership: Phyllis Factor

  • The membership report included in the materials for this meeting indicates that 2009 final membership included 15 businesses, 46 couples, and 55 individuals. 2010 membership, so far, includes 8 couples and 6 individuals. Total dues paid for 2009 (including dues paid at the end of 2008) were $1740, with $345 in additional donations. Dues for 2010 so far total $185, with $30 additional in donations. In 2009, donations to Neighbors Feeding Neighbors (included with memberships) was $730.
  • Discussion arose about annexing the block on the north side of 12th St between 3rd & 4th Avenues.


  • Liz noted a new board liaison to Neighborhood Watch is needed; Mary Sabatini volunteered. A board member needs to serve in this position. As there were no volunteers, Liz will recruit a board member. Dabney Miller was mentioned as someone involved with neighborhood watch who might continue to serve..

Transportation and Environs: John Burr, Tim Vanderpool, and Chris Stebe

  • A three page committee report was submitted. To summarize: Downtown Links and 22nd St. are on hold on hold. A meeting about the 18th St. light is scheduled for January 20. For this, our representatives will propose neighborhood-wide mitigations. The light is probably a two- to three-year project.
  • Potholes: Ward 5 filled potholes; Ward 6 ran out of money but if neighbors call the city will fill them.

APHZAB (added to agenda): Nadine Rund

  • There are two renovations: 5th Avenue north of 17th Street and a property on Railroad Avenue by Scott Butler
  • Fences are an issue for the board: they don’t require a permit but do require historic approval. There are four that have come before the board. Historic vs. “artistic and lovely” is a constant fight.
  • Color does not come before the board.
  • At 417 E. 17th Street, a porch was filled in without approval and will have to come out.

Old Business

Carnaval: Chuck Bressi and Brooke Sanders

  • Carnaval is scheduled for February 13, 11 am-6 pm; the parade along 6th Avenue is scheduled for 1 pm. Plans are coming along well and will include activities for children. Beginning for the 2011 Carnaval, there will be an organization so there will be a more official financial accounting system, which has been a frustration.


Home tour: Chris Stebe

  • Plans are not yet in place. Chris indicated that a co-chair would be helpful. A first task is to identify houses on the tour. Chris will send out a request for volunteers in the next week. The tour will follow the same format as in the past, with St. Andrew’s Church as a base. Dates still under consideration: March or fall were proposed.


Proposed traffic light on18th &  Park Avenue: Tim Vanderpool

  • This business was already discussed during the meeting as part of the committee report on Transportaion and Environs: no action is underway.


22nd Street Project update: Chris Stebe

  • An environmental impact study is under consideration.


Catch/ Neuter/ Release Program: Tim Vanderpool

  • Tim reported that he didn’t get much response to his last call, but he’ll take a new strategy: to try to identify feral cat populations himself. He proposed a $300 budget from the APNA board for spaying and neutering cats; the cost is $30/male, $60/female. Tim motioned for a $300 fund, which was seconded by Phyllis. The fund is to be supplemented by a call for neighbors to donate. Guidelines for dispersal will be needed; Tim agreed to research options. It was suggested that people be encouraged to spay or neuter on their own feral animals on their properties, and that the fund be used when other monies are not available. Should rabies shots be part of this fund? Who has traps to capture feral cats? Tim has some access, but needs others. The motion carried.
  • Deriving from this conversation, it was suggested that various categories for donations be included on membership form, the spay/neuter program being one of these.

New Business

Committee chairs: Liz  Burden

  • Liz asked current chairs if they would be willing to remain chairs of their respective committees, and all agreed.


Strategic planning meeting: Liz Burden

  • Liz proposed this annual meeting for February, in lieu of the regularly scheduled Board meeting. It will be open to board and alternates only, with a call to neighbors for anything they would like brought up. It was scheduled for Tuesday, February 9, 5-8 pm; location is the Children’s Museum in Fiesta Room.


Neighbors Feeding Neighbors: Phyllis Factor & Chuck Bressi

  • APNA pays $4/meal; the cost of each meal appears to be significantly less. Why is there a discrepancy? Is APNA funding NFN or NFN with a subsidy to SAFE? Chuck will investigate.


Organizational infrastructure: Liz Burden

  • The organizational infrastructure is largely in place (discussion of a phone line was covered under committee reports>Finance/Treasurer’s report).
  • The bank account will change to Wells Fargo from Chase to avoid fees. A credit union does not provide the level of service.


Representation on outside committees:

  • Tabled to a future meeting.

Agenda Items for Future Meetings

Items will include:

  • A TEP presentation
  • Invitation of new city council members Fimbres & Kozachik
  • Code of ethics: Liz will send this document out

Call to the audience:

  • The board acknowledged Liz’s leadership.

Meeting adjourned: at 8:32 pm, moved by Chuck, 2nd by Phyllis.

Respectfully submitted,

Elizabeth Garber, APNA Secretary

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