FMO: 2022 Meeting Highlights to Date

APNA meetings are held monthly, on the second Tuesday at 6:30 PM. In May 2022, after a long hiatus, meetings became hybrid, with a virtual and an in-person option.

What do we talk about at these meetings? Here are some highlights:

  • In January, we discussed the need for more social and community events as we slowly re-enter the world. Would a Holiday Parade, a Musical Porch-fest, a community Garage Sale, or more community potlucks be of interest? Please stay tuned or reach out to the board if you’d like to be involved in planning.

We want to hear your views on social events. Please take a moment to respond to our short survey on social events.

  • Also in January, we began a discussion of the Peach Properties proposal for redevelopment of the area between Stone Avenue and Arizona Avenue, south of 14th Street. This proposal has changed over time, and as of January consisted of 82 apartments that violated the neighborhood height restrictions, with very limited parking. After much discussion, the APNA board decided not to provide a position to the City of Tucson but would await the results of further discussion between Peach Properties and the City.
  • The discussion of the Peach Properties proposal continued in February, when we learned that a rezoning proposal had been submitted to the City of Tucson that may strongly affect the historic designation of our neighborhood. This being said, nothing concrete was in place at that time and the discussion was tabled pending information to be gathered during a meeting of the APNA Historic Advisory Board the following week.
  • The February meeting also initiated the discussion of the deplorable condition of the sidewalks surrounding the Safford School. A committee was formed, chaired by Paula Bachman-Williams, that will serve as a point of contact with the Safford School to ensure the continuation of good relations between APNA and our neighborhood school. Shortly following the February meeting, the sidewalks surrounding the Safford School were surveyed and marked for repair.
  • In March, the board discussed installation of much-needed “dog poop stations” around the neighborhood. This discussion continued into the April meeting, when it was decided that signage would be our first attempt at encouraging pet owners to clean up after their dogs.
  • The board was also informed at the March meeting that the Peach Properties proposal has undergone some changes, including a reduction from 3 stories to 2 in some of the project, but not all. As of March, we were still awaiting final plans.

We want to hear your views on how APNA should respond to the Peach Properties proposal. Please take a moment to respond to our short survey.

  • The March meeting initiated a conversation about houselessness and how this is affecting Armory Park and neighboring communities. Meeting attendees shared ways to assist including checking in with agencies working with homeless populations, contacting the City, and helping one another. The APNA board supports encouraging Mayor & Council to adopt housing first policies as a long-term permanent solution.
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